Below are frequently asked questions concerning the annual Fargo Marathon Youth Run. We hope the information below answers all of your questions. If not, please contact

Q. What are the events for the Youth Run?

A: The 2013 Youth Run events include a ½-Mile Run and a 1-Mile Run. Children are free to choose whichever race they want to run. We are encouraging kids to run in only one of the races.

Q. What is the cost for the Youth Run?

A: The cost is $10 per child. If an adult (parent or other) wants to run with the child, there is no extra charge. The proceeds from the Youth Run benefit local Youth Charities such as MeritCare Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm. Registration is required.

Q. How do we register?

A: There are three ways to register:

BY MAIL: Please postmark by early May to ensure we receive the registration form. The registration form can be downloaded at Registration.

ONLINE: Sign up securely at Registration by early May to guarantee a packet is prepared. There will be a link that will take you to the online registration webpage. Once there, click "Register Now" and it will take you to the webpage where you can log in (if you have a MyActive Account). If you don't have or want an account, click on "Guest Access" and it will then take you to the webpage where you will begin your online registration for your child(ren).

ON SITE: In the FARGODOME Lobby, from Monday through Thursday of Fargo Marathon Week. For hours and location of the Youth Runs registration and packet pick-up, refer to Weekend Schedule of Events.

Q. Why do you ask for an email address and cell phone number on the registration form?

A: The e-mail address is to alert you of any updates, including when photos are available from the run which you may want to purchase. The cell phone number is in case we need to reach you during the event, for example, if you get separated from your child. You can place your cell phone number on the back of your child’s race bib number. Your email and phone number will only be used for these purposes and will not be shared for any outside solicitation.

Q. What time does the Youth Run begin and how long does it last?

A: First of all, all runners must be registered by 5:30 p.m. in the southeast corner of the FARGODOME Lobby. At 6:00 pm, youth runners (and any parent participants) will be lined up in their particular age group and race wave in the Bison Sports Arena.

Each age grouping (as designated below) will take off in “waves" (youngest to oldest), coordinated by the Youth Run Volunteer Staff. Each age group will complete their race before the next "wave" begins their run. Due to number of race participants in the specific age groups, there may be a need to combine age groups for a particular race - this will be at the discretion of the Youth Run Volunteer Staff.

Please note that all races are fluid processes and slight alterations to the process or route may occur on the actual race day. Be sure to arrive early for line-up and final instructions on race day. Race start times below are approximations.

6:30 pm 4 Year Olds and Under Yellow 1/2-Mile Run
  5-6 Year Olds Blue  
  7-8 Year Olds Green  
  9-12 Year Olds Red  
7:00 pm 6 Year Olds and Under Yellow 1-Mile Run
  7-8 Year Olds Green  
  9-10 Year Olds Red  
  11-12 Year Olds Blue  

Q. What are the age groups and how do we find the appropriate one?

A: All runners will line up within their respective age group in the Bison Sports Arena, with the youngest age group starting first. Look for posted signs to find the appropriate age group.

Q. Can I run with my child?

A: Yes! One parent (or designated adult) can run at no extra cost with each child during the event. Because we anticipate a large number of kid runners, we need to keep it to only one adult runner per child.

Q. What if I have kids in different age groups and want to have them run together?

A: No problem. Choose which wave (age group) you want to all the kids to run in together. It might be easier to have the older child join you and the younger child(ren) in the younger age group.

Q. I have a child who wants to run without a parent tagging along. How do you help keep kids on the route?

A: We will have volunteers assisting at the start, along the route, and at the finish to help all runners have a successful and enjoyable run. If you have any questions on the day of the run, feel free to ask any of the race volunteers.

Q. Where do I go to watch my child across the finish line if I'm not running with him/her? Also, where do other family and friends go to watch?

A: Parents and family can wait to see their child take off at the start line and then can walk through the northwest or southeast entrances of Dakotah Field to wait for their child to finish. For a visual of the finishers' area, click on the image below.


Q. How do I meet up with my child at the end of the run?

A: After crossing the finish line, all kids will wait in the fenced area of Dakotah Field to meet up with their parents. Children will receive an official race bib number that they must have pinned on the front of their shirt. This will not only allow them to race in their respective race but will also be used at the end of each race to connect runners with their parents.

Parents will receive the identical bib number as their child when registering for their child's race. Each runner must have their bib number pinned to the front of their shirt and each parent must present the identical bib number at the end of the race to remove their child from Dakotah Field.

Security staff and volunteers will assist in matching up the parent and runner bib numbers at the entry/exit checkpoints. This process is to keep children from wandering off and getting lost.

Q. What if I get separated from my child?

A: We will have security and volunteer staff posted all along the route to ensure your child has a safe and successful run. All kids who expect to be met at the finish line corral area by a designated adult will not be allowed to leave the finishers’ area until they are matched with their parent or guardian. You should review with your child your plan to meet up after the run.

If your child cannot locate you, they should talk to a security staff/volunteer in that area, who will work with our staff to contact you. If you are concerned your child isn’t where he/she is supposed to be, please contact one of the security staff/volunteers in the finishers’ area.

Q. What if my child is older and wants to leave the corral?

A: Please inform us when picking up the race packet – we will mark the back side of the race bib your child will wear, indicating they are free to exit the finish area by themselves. If your child is not old enough to stay by themselves, please do not leave them at the race unattended. We do not have childcare facilities set up for this event.

Q. What if it rains during the day of the Youth Runs?

A: Runners run in all kinds of weather! Please assist your kids in dressing appropriately for the run. In order to keep runners out of inclement weather (rain, cold or hot sun), runners will wait in the Bison Sports Arena until their age group is called up to the starting line to begin their particular race.

Q. Will you time the children and name winners for each age category?

A: Speed is not a factor here as there are no awards for first place – everyone is a winner and they will each receive a Youth Run medal!

Q. Are you staffed for medical emergencies or for accidents that may happen?

A: Yes. An experienced staff of medical professionals from the Fargo-Moorhead region will be on hand to assist with any injuries or mishaps that may occur during any race.

Q. If I pre-register and then find out that my child can't attend the run, can I get my money back?

A. No, due to the minimal cost of registration, there are no refunds. You can, however, come to the FARGODOME and pick up your child's race packet if you want him/her to have the Youth Run t-shirt.